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Riverside Big Rig Accident Injury Attorneys

Long-haul trucking is an important facet of the economy in California and nationwide. Unfortunately, large trucks can also be extremely dangerous. If a truck driver makes one small mistake, the results can be catastrophic. If you were driving a passenger car and you collided with a big rig like an eighteen-wheeler tractor-trailer or any other large commercial truck, you are likely to suffer serious, if not fatal, injury.

The Southern California commercial truck accident attorneys at Ochoa & Calderón are ready to help you maximize your compensation. Our big rig injury legal team will investigate the circumstances of your large truck crash, gather the strongest evidence, negotiate with truckers, freight companies, and insurance companies, and fight for your right to complete recovery for the harm you have endured.

Who Is Liable After a Big Rig Accident?

One of the most complex aspects of a big rig crash is identifying and holding responsible the appropriate parties. Large truck crashes are likely to have more potentially liable parties, and more complex fact patterns, than traditional car crashes.

The big rig accident legal team at Ochoa & Calderón has years of experience holding the proper parties liable for injuries caused to our clients. We’ll investigate the circumstances of your large truck crash to determine what led to the incident and who we can hold liable on your behalf. Parties who may be liable after a big rig crash include:

  • The trucker. If the person driving the truck was driving while drowsy, intoxicated, or distracted, they are responsible for any harm that results. Truckers have a propensity for speeding, passing on the right, tailgating, and other aggressive driving tactics, which are especially dangerous while driving a big rig. Truckers are also especially prone to driver fatigue and must adhere to strict federal rules about how many hours they can operate between rest breaks.
  • The trucking company. Truckers typically work for larger companies. If a truck driver causes a crash while on the clock, their employer can be held liable for any resulting damage. Moreover, the trucking company may be directly liable if its own negligence contributed to the crash, such as hiring unqualified drivers, failing to train drivers, failing to enforce safety regulations, or failure to maintain its fleet of vehicles.
  • The truck manufacturer. If a truck crash was caused by a defective vehicle part–brakes, tires, coupler, engine, etc.–then the vehicle manufacturer may be held liable for any harm that results.
  • Third-party contractors. There are a number of parties who may be involved in a single big rig delivery. Truck crashes are often caused by unsecured loads, overloaded hauls, or poorly balanced loads; if the truck was loaded by a third-party contractor or some other party, and they were negligent in that process, then that party can be held liable for a resulting crash.
  • Government agencies. If the truck crash was caused by a poorly designed intersection or lack of road maintenance (potholes, cracks, missing signage, etc.), then the state or federal agency responsible for designing and maintaining that road might be partially or totally to blame.

Recovering Compensation After a Big Rig Crash

The Riverside big rig accident attorneys at Ochoa & Calderón are ready to help you obtain the biggest recovery available after your commercial truck accident. We’ll fight for your right to all available damages, including the following:

● Property damage
● Medical expenses, both past and future
● Lost wages
● Loss of future earning capacity
● Loss of life enjoyment
● Pain and suffering
● Emotional distress
● Disfigurement
● Disability
● Wrongful death

Call a Dedicated Riverside Big Rig Accident Lawyer Today

If you’ve been hurt in a Riverside commercial truck or car accident or otherwise suffered personal injury in Southern California resulting from another person’s negligence, call Ochoa & Calderón for a free consultation on your claims. We only charge a fee after we are successful in recovering compensation for you. No recovery, no fee.

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