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Ochoa & Calderon

Riverside Hand Injury Lawyer

The Riverside workers’ compensation and personal injury lawyers at Ochoa & Calderón are ready to help you and your family recover after a negligence-based accident or workplace incident causes severe injury to your hand, fingers, or wrist. If you or someone you love has suffered an injury to the hand in a Southern California accident, call today for a no-cost evaluation of your case.

Common Hand Injuries

The injury legal team at Ochoa & Calderón helps victims with all manner of hand injuries. We’ll investigate the circumstances of your injury, determine who can and should be held liable, and fight to maximize your compensation. We’ll stand by your side against employers, negligent drivers, insurance providers, product manufacturers, pharmaceutical companies, and anyone else who should be held liable for your hand injury. We work for clients suffering from all kinds of hand injuries, including:

  • Broken or fractured fingers, wrists, and other bones
  • Damaged nerves or tendons
  • Finger or wrist sprains
  • Finger or hand amputation
  • Chronic nerve damage
  • Lacerations and cuts
  • Soft tissue injuries
  • Infection
  • Burns
  • Dislocation

How Do Hand Injuries Occur?

Hand injuries can occur in any number of ways. Many people injure their hands by catching themselves in a fall or during some other traumatic incident; our hands are often our last defense against injury to the head or other serious damage. A hand injury can also be caused by illnesses or other chronic conditions, as well as by exposure to harmful products and other hazards.

At Ochoa & Calderón, our seasoned hand injury attorneys fight to hold negligent parties liable after any and all accidents leading to hand injury. Whether you were hurt by a reckless driver, a defective product manufacturer, a negligent store owner, or simply an aggressive person, we’re ready to help you get the compensation you are owed for the harm you have suffered. We represent clients injured in a variety of incidents, including:

  • Slip and falls
  • Falls from height
  • Defective products
  • Traffic accidents
  • Defective home appliances
  • Negative reaction to a medication
  • Toxic chemical exposure
  • Sports injury
  • Fires and explosions
  • Repetitive motion conditions
  • Illnesses

Cumulative Injuries and Workers’ Compensation

If your hand injury resulted from a workplace accident, you are entitled to workers’ compensation benefits including lost wages, medical costs, and job displacement benefits. In California, workers’ comp also covers “cumulative” injuries caused by the job, meaning injuries that develop over time.

Conditions such as carpal tunnel, wrist tendonitis, trigger finger, Raynaud’s syndrome, and bursitis can be just as painful and debilitating as injuries caused by a single traumatic incident. Overuse and overwork injuries can prevent you from performing your job tasks or enjoying your daily life due to chronic pain and functional limitations. If your chronic hand injury was caused by the performance of your job duties, you are entitled to workers’ compensation coverage.

In order to collect workers’ comp for your cumulative hand injury, you’ll need to demonstrate that your workplace duties either caused the condition or significantly worsened your condition. Repetitive motions such as typing, forceful exertions, fast movement, constant vibration, mechanical compression of the soft tissue, and other stressors can all lead to a cumulative injury. For help proving that your cumulative injury occurred as a result of your job duties, talk to a savvy Riverside workers’ compensation attorney.

Call a Southern California Hand Injury Lawyer Today

If you are suffering from a hand injury after a car crash, slip and fall, defective product malfunction, workplace accident, or other incident in Southern California resulting from another person’s negligence or misconduct, call Ochoa & Calderón for a free consultation on your claims. We only charge a fee after we are successful in recovering compensation for you. No recovery, no fee.

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