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Riverside Bicycle Accident Attorneys

Riding a bicycle as a regular means of transportation provides a host of benefits: it’s eco-friendly, great exercise, and cheaper than any other mode short of walking. On the downside, cyclists are especially vulnerable to serious injury or death in a motor vehicle crash due to the lack of protective barriers provided to occupants of cars. Bicycle accidents are costly, traumatic and painful, and significant financial compensation is often required to make up for medical bills, lost income, pain and suffering, and other legal damages. If you or a loved one has been hurt in a bicycle accident in Southern California, the personal injury attorneys at Ochoa & Calderón are here to help you through the process of getting the medical care and compensation you need that is owed to you from the negligent driver who caused your wreck. Contact our Riverside bicycle accident attorneys today for a free consultation and immediate assistance.

Common Causes of Bicycle Accidents and Liable Parties

To seek appropriate compensation, it’s crucial to understand the root cause of your accident. Common causes of bicycle accidents include:

  • Driver Negligence: Drivers failing to yield the right-of-way, running stop signs, or driving distracted are the major contributors to bicycle accidents. Negligent drivers can be held fully accountable for their negligence in causing or contributing to a bicycle crash.
  • Poor Road Conditions: Potholes, loose gravel, and lack of proper signage can pose risks for cyclists, whose machines are particularly vulnerable to road defects compared to any other vehicles. The road agency responsible for designing, constructing or maintaining the roadway might be liable for bicycle accidents caused by their negligence.
  • Defective Bicycle Parts: Faulty brakes, tires, or gear systems can lead to accidents. A manufacturer can be held strictly liable for a bicycle that is defectively designed or manufactured. Retailers can be liable as well for negligence in maintaining or repairing bikes.

Know Your Rights as a Bicycle Accident Victim

Under California law, cyclists have the same rights to use the road as motorists. Motorists and bicyclists must obey all the applicable rules of the road, including several laws enacted specifically for the safety of bicycle riders. This includes the requirement for motorists to share the road with bicycles and only pass them when safe to do so, providing at least three feet of clearance.

Cyclists injured in a collision with a vehicle or who are forced off the road by negligent, reckless or aggressive driving can file a claim for injuries against the at-fault driver. These claims are often difficult to prove, as drivers and their insurance companies will try to paint the injured biker as at least partially to blame. It’s important to know that in California, injury victims can recover compensation from other negligent parties even if their own negligence contributed to the accident. At Ochoa & Calderón, our skilled personal injury lawyers will work diligently to establish the negligent driver’s fault and keep you from being unfairly accused of negligence so that we can be successful on your claim and maximize the compensation you can receive.

Immediate Steps to Take After a Bicycle Accident

After ensuring you are safe and have sought medical attention, consider taking the following steps to protect your legal rights to pursue a claim against the negligent driver:

  1. Contact Authorities: Call the police to the scene of the accident or file a police report after the fact. This report serves as crucial evidence in your case and can speed the resolution of your claim with the insurance company.
  2. Gather Information: Collect names, phone numbers, and insurance information from all involved parties, along with the contact information of any witnesses.
  3. Document the Scene: Take pictures of the accident scene, your injuries, and damage to your bicycle. This isn’t always possible if you are seriously injured, but if doable it can help establish the nature and severity of the crash.
  4. Seek Legal Advice: For a crash in Riverside or Southern California, consult with Ochoa & Calderón for a comprehensive understanding of your legal options and immediate help getting the medical care and compensation you need and deserve.

Compensation You May Be Eligible For

At Ochoa & Calderón, we’ll fight to recover the maximum compensation for all the legal damages you have suffered. The major categories of compensation in a bicycle accident claim typically involve:

  • Past and future medical bills
  • Loss of wages, diminished earning capacity, or disability
  • Pain and suffering
  • Property damage

At Ochoa & Calderón, we have a proven record of helping accident victims in Southern California recover compensation for their injuries. We take the time to help you understand your situation and know what to expect in the claim process. We make sure you get the medical care you need while we work to resolve your claim fully and satisfactorily.

Contact Ochoa & Calderón After a Bicycle Accident in Riverside or Southern California

Being involved in a bicycle accident can be a harrowing experience. While you focus on getting better and putting your life back in order, Ochoa & Calderón will focus on getting the justice you deserve. If you or a loved one has been involved in a bicycle accident in Riverside or Southern California, call Ochoa & Calderón at 951-901-4444 in Riverside or 844-401-0750 throughout Southern California for a free consultation.

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